Did you have a drink? Let you drive!

Going out … who is staying sober tonight? Who is not too tired from all the dancing to drive us home? Too many drinks? The most widely known discussion at a night out!

VipShuttle offers you the solution!

We are the whole night at your service, 7/7 24/24 or we take you there and/or back.

The party starts already at your front door! And … during the return trip you can also enjoy your own music or review your pictures via Apple TV in the car.

You just have to make an appointment with our driver and tell him where you want to be picked up as well as the time for the return trip.

Appropriate driving and all this for competitive price!

Did you have a drink? Let you drive!

Did you know that many young people make use of our transport services during the weekend? It is not to be missed with all these breath tests! For the parents it is also a pleasant and safe feeling to know that their children are getting home safe!!

Please note: As we offer a shuttle service and not a taxi service, we would like to point out that reservations have to be made in advance.

Click here for more information or for your reservation!